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February 16, 2010
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Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of its characters.
AN: This fic is based on a Alice/Bella relationship so if you have problems then exit the page now.
AN: Thoughts are in italics Visions are in bold italics

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My Bella - An Alice/Bella Twilight Fanfiction

~Chapter 1: Burning holes into my skull~
Bella and Alice sat in Alice’s bedroom, alone. Alice was left on Bella sitting duty whilst Edward went hunting with the others. So she was left on her own with Bella, in her bedroom, alone. She felt like she was drowsing as she sat staring at the Human girl, sprawled across one of the white leather sofas.

Bella’s chest rose and fell softly as she slumbered in a light sleep, the small vampire’s eyes following the simple movement. Her ears focused on her steady heart beat. Ba dum, ba dum, ba dum, ba dum.

“Alice what are you staring at?”

“What? How do you know I’m staring?” Alice looked up surprised, Bella’s eyes still closed and breathing normal. How didn't I notice any change in her breathing or heart rate…has she been awake long?

“I can feel your gaze burning into my skull…”

“I was just waiting for you to wake up.” She lightly, her voice small as she absentmindedly drummed her fingers against the seat. One arm wrapped around her knee as she looked down.

Bella opened her eyes looking over to the little vampire. “Alice what’s wrong?”

I can’t tell her… she loves Edward… she’d be disgusted, horrified…

“Alice seriously what’s up?” Bella sighed, pushing herself off the sofa. Moving over to the girl, she tapped her shoulder, causing her to jump. Whoa, no one surprised Alice… “Are you okay, did you see something?”

“I’m fine.” She replied, her voice rough and scratchy, as if she’d been crying.

Bella’s eyes became instantly worried. She crouched down to Alice’s levels, moving some of her hair out of the way.

Alice’s nose twitched as Bella moved closer, the scent filling her nostrils. It was so sweet, intoxicating and tempting… so arousing… Her pale eyelids fluttered, she looked up and met Bella’s chocolate brown eyes.

Bella gave Alice a small smile meeting eye contact. Their topaz depths hypnotising, she loved those eyes. They were just like Edwards, warm but more… nice and less hard. She’d noticed how beautiful Alice was before but now she seemed more so. The way her dark, spiky hair framed her pale face and its elven features accompanied small nose and plump lips, that were so… KISSABLE?!

“Alice, please! Tell me what’s wrong?”

“You wouldn’t want to know.” Alice shook her head, her tone defeated and quiet.

“Oh come on. Alice, tell me.” Bella, starting to lay a warm hand on her shoulder, a pain hit her chest as Alice flinched away. What did I do? “Okay… Is it me? What did I do?”

Alice shook her head, swiftly leaping from the sofa to the adjacent side of the room. She stood statuesque staring at Bella.

“What…oh…” Where’d she go…? Oh, there… Turing to the pixie girl, Bella frowned. “Please… please Alice, what is wrong…”

“No, I can’t…”

“You’re one of my best friends, I love you, you can tell me anything.”

“I can’t Bella.”


“Because… because it will hurt you.”

“Oh in the name of… I can do hurt, Alice.” Bella groaned. Clenching her teeth she ran a frustrated hand through her hair. “I’ve done hurt!”

“I know… it’s just that… I…” Alice sighed, shaking her head unable to form a complete sentence. I can’t tell her… she wouldn’t understand, wouldn’t accept it…

“Alice! Tell me what’s wrong or so help me…”

“I love you!”
Category: Twilight
Genre: General / Romance / Angst
Rating: T
Pairing: Bella Swan / Alice CullenChapter One of "My Bella"
Author: Nadine Reading

Story is also available at:
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